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The Giant Business Angel Investors at VentureGiant

As a premier business angel investment network and business funding online solution that matches serious and active business angel investors with entrepreneurs' seeking investment capital and business funding to start-up their new venture or expand their existing business, VentureGiant has got all that it takes to have some of the best angel investors, not only from the UK, but around the world, on board.

Angel investors find the interface of the online solution virtually unparalleled to all other similar solutions in the same space. It is as though VentureGiant has actively recognized the problems that investors and entrepreneurs alike face when trying to come into contact one another, and thus ironed out all those issues to come out with a medium which is unequalled in terms of the ease of its operations.

It therefore comes as no surprise that a lot of the hi-profile business angel investors are signing up on VentureGiant. Investors are particularly appreciative of the free filtered deal flow notifications that are sent out to them on signing up. Emails also frequently send out latest investment opportunities and with the numerous options that are available for investing upon, all investors are likely to get just the right kind of investment opportunity that they had been waiting for, be it high-growth seed-capital investments to growth capital for profitable established businesses. In fact the wide range of investment proposals on VentureGiant are geared towards many different kinds of funding options, including:

  • Seed and early-stage investment
  • Expansion & growth capital
  • Research & development funding
  • All rounds of funding

Registration on VentureGiant is as quick as a breeze; there are just a few investment criteria that the business angel investors on VentureGiant need to input, and soon enough, VentureGiant will come out with a compiled listing of proposals based on the investment criteria that have just been input.

Once done, browsing suitable investment opportunities is just as easy. You can even select the way you want to browse the proposals, i.e. say by Industry, Region or even by the Range of the Investment. With VentureGiant doing some of the homework on your part, you can simply click on “Recommended” to view those proposals that VentureGiant has shortlisted based on the investment criteria chosen by you. Finally, there is always the option of contacting the Entrepreneur at any time that you wish to, simply by clicking the “Contact Entrepreneur” button towards the bottom of the screen.

Further action to be taken is very well coordinated by VentureGiant; for instance, in case a proposal is received on VentureGiant that matches the exact criteria set forth at the time of registration, a suitable email to that effect is duly sent out. While on that email in your Inbox, you even have the option of initiating ‘Contact’ or ‘Adding to your Hotlist’ straight from the email itself. That said, as a business angel investor at VentureGiant, you can be assured about your information being kept confidential and private, and never shared with any third parties ever.

Finally, you can choose to contact the entrepreneur whose business idea seems to strike a chord with your requirements the best, simply by clicking on the “Contact Entrepreneur” button towards the bottom of the screen, unless you already did so as in one of the previous stages, mentioned earlier. You would be happy to note that this entire service is offered by VentureGiant, absolutely FREE. Moreover, you can be assured that you will always be viewing proposals in complete obscurity.

Perhaps the biggest differentiator of VentureGiant with others in the fray of online matchmaking between entrepreneurs and investors is the fact that it is totally FREE for the latter. Therefore, you as an investor definitely do not need to pay for using the services of VentureGiant, at least not till any deal is actually finalized. So, registering, browsing proposals and even short listing and responding to them will not cost you anything.

Some business angel investors do get sceptical of using any online platforms such as VentureGiant for gathering proposals or responding to them, as their biggest fear is the revelation of their contact details. But on VentureGiant, you could safely quell any such fears, simply because your personal information, particularly your contact details, are kept totally secure on it.

Some other business angel investors also happen to be typically wary of any other mode of information about prospective deals and proposals, than their own network of contacts and associations. While this may have been true for you in the past, and also proved to have got you just the right kind of investment proposals that you had been looking for, it is definitely not guaranteed that you will always find this ‘Bull’s Eye’ proposal, always through your network of contacts and friends. On an online platform, the biggest advantage for you would be the fact that you can get investment opportunities from all around the world. In all likelihood, your network of friends and contacts would have limited knowledge about investment opportunities, usually confined to areas in and around them. With an online platform, you could find the perfect opportunity to invest in – at another corner of the world, without moving an inch from your desk! The deal flow information provided by VentureGiant in this regard proves particularly beneficial as you get constant, real time updates on prospective investment opportunities across the world.

Moreover, because of the additional initiatives taken by platforms such as VentureGiant, you can get just the right kind of proposals tailored to your requirement, delivered straight to your Inbox, saving you precious time and effort of sifting through dozens of proposals only to find that they do not match your requirement at all! Also, you can customize your email preferences to suit your predilection – whether you want to know about a prospective investment opportunity as it emerges, or you would rather prefer to get an email digest on a daily/weekly basis at a particular time, that will compile the list of prospective investment opportunities matching your set criteria.

As you can clearly see, the benefits for business angel investors at VentureGiant are truly gigantic!

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